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Trello is team collaboration tool that lets you organize and keep track of your projects. If you use Trello to manage your development workflow, you can set up an integration with Crowdcontrol to automatically create cards for submissions. The integration enables you to create a Trello card when someone on your team assigns an "Unresolved" state to a submission.

You set up an integration with Trello on a per program basis, which means that you can choose the individual bounty programs that you want to integrate with Trello.

After you set up the integration, all submissions that have an "Unresolved" state are pushed to Trello in the format that you choose.

1. Generate an API Token in Trello

To set up the Trello integration, you need to generate an API token that allows Bugcrowd to authenticate to Trello's API.

Log in to Trello and then go to https://trello.com/app-key to get an API key.

Trello API keys

Trello API keys

Keep the API key handy. You'll need it for the next step.

2. Set Up the Trello Integration in Crowdcontrol

In Crowdcontrol, go to the Program Settings and select the "Integrations" tab.

Find the "Trello" option from the list of available services and click the "Add Integrations" button to display the Trello Integration Page.

Connect to Trello

Connect to Trello

Enter the following information for the Trello settings:

  • Name: A name for the integration. This can be anything.
  • Trello API Token: The API token you generated in Step 1.
  • Username: Your Trello username.
Trello integration settings

Trello integration settings

After you enter your details, click the "Update Integration" button.

Create Cards in Trello for Crowdcontrol Issues

Now that you have set up the integration with Trello, you can automatically create cards for Crowdcontrol issues.

  1. Choose the board list you want to use to create and add cards.

  2. Save your changes.

The "Connected" status displays under the Trello logo.

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