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Commenting on a Submission

Adding information to a submission

Each submission has an activity stream that keeps a history log of all actions, comments, and changes that have been made to a submission as well as a record of the person who made the changes.

Submission Activity Stream

Submission Activity Stream

A major component of the activity stream is the ability to add comments to a submission.

There are two ways to leave a comment:

  • You can reply to the researcher to send them a direct message.
  • You can leave a team note.
Add comments to a submission

Add comments to a submission

Subscribing to a Submission

When you comment on a submission, you automatically subscribe to receive updates for that submission. Learn more about submissions and how to unsubscribe from them.

Reply to a Researcher

You can reply to a researcher to send them a direct message. For example, if you need more information from them regarding their submission, click the "Reply to" link and add your response to the text field.

Basic Comment

Basic Comment

When you are ready to send the message, click the "Send Message" button. The researcher will receive an email notification that you have commented on their submission and may require additional information from them.

Add a Team Comment

A team comment enables you to post messages to just internal team members that have subscribed or are assigned to the submission.

Team note

Team note

Direct a Comment to a User

When leaving a comment, you can notify a team member directly by mentioning their name using the “@” key. This is useful when you need to alert a someone who is not currently assigned or subscribed to a submission.

Mentioning a team member in a direct message

Mentioning a team member in a direct message

Messaging the ASE Team

Easily mention the Application Security Engineer on-staff for your submission by mentioning @Bugcrowd.

Upload an Attachment with Your Comment

There may be times when you need to share information with your team or with the researcher. To help you easily send information to each other, you can attach a video, image, or PDF to a reply or to a team note. This makes it easy for you to share sensitive information without uploading it to a third party.

To upload an attachment, click the "Add attachment" button when you are either replying to a researcher or sending a team note.

Browse to the location of the file you want to upload. You can upload multiple files at one time.

Supported file types include avi, gif, jpg, mov, mpeg, and pdf.

Maximum File Size

A file cannot exceed 50 MB.

Using Syntax Highlighting

In your comments, you can add syntax highlighting to your code blocks so that they are easier to read. For example:

print "Highlight me!"

To enable syntax highlighting, you'll need to create a fenced code block by adding triple back ticks before and after the code block and and specifying the language that you're using.

For the previous example, the markdown for the fenced code block looks like this:

    print "Hightlight me"

For more information on syntax highlighting and the supported languages, go to https://help.github.com/articles/creating-and-highlighting-code-blocks/#syntax-highlighting.

Commenting on a Submission

Adding information to a submission

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