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Receive actionable notifications immediately in a designated Slack channel

Streamline your Crowdcontrol vulnerability management workflow by receiving important notifications directly into one of your chosen Slack channel. This enables you to quickly identify critical issues and additional actionable items that need your direct attention.

With this, you may choose to receive a Slack notification for the following:

When a submission....

  • Is Created - Incoming 'New' submissions. These submissions have not been validated by the Triage Engine or Bugcrowd's security analyst team.
  • Moves to Triaged - Submissions that been deemed as non-duplicates by the Crowdcontrol Triage Engine and have been validated by the Bugcrowd security analyst team.
  • Moves to Unresolved - Submissions that have been accepted by your security team as a valid vulnerability that needs to be fixed by your development team.
  • Moves to Resolved - Accepted submissions that have been fixed by your development team and considered to be a resolved issue.
  • Is Rewarded - Accepted submissions that have set a payout reward for the researcher's finding.
  • Is Commented by a Researcher - Submissions that have received a comment from a researcher.
  • Has a Private Note Added -Submission that had a team note added to it by your security team or by any Bugcrowd security analyst.

Setting Up Slack Integration

Setting up Slack integration is simple and easy. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Go to program settings

First, navigate to your Program Settings and select the Integrations tab.

NOTE: Program Specific Integration

The Slack integration is set up in the program's settings and is specified to send notifications for activities in that chosen program. There are no limitations to the number of programs that can be set up with the Slack integration, choose to have the notifications sent to the same Slack channel or separate channels for different programs.

2. Navigate to the Slack Integration Settings

Next, select the Add Integration button for Slack.

3. Add Slack Integration

Once on the Slack integrations settings page, connect Crowdcontrol to Slack by selecting the Add to Slack button.

4. Select the Team Channel

Upon selecting the Add to Slack button, you will be redirected to the Slack web application to assign the team channel for incoming Crowdcontrol notifications - select the desired team channel.

Note: Selecting Where to Post

Crowdcontrol notifications can be sent to a public slack channel, a private slack channel, or a specific individual. Select the channel or individual that best fits your organization's needs.

Note: Slack Sign-In

If you are not already signed in to your Slack web account, you will first be re-directed to your log-in. Enter your team Slack URL and your account name and password. Once signed in, you will then be directed to select the team channel for Crowdcontrol notifications.

5. Authorize Slack Integration

Once you have selected the desired team channel to receive Crowdcontrol notifications, you will then authorize the Slack integration by selecting the green Authorize button as seen below. You will then be redirected back to Crowdcontrol where you can select your notification settings.

Setting Up Slack Notifications

There are a number of specified actions that will trigger a Slack notification - follow the steps below to set the notifications that fit best for your workflow.

Toggle Notifications On or Off

On the Slack integrations settings page, select the actions you'd like to receive notifications for. Toggle to the right to turn on the notification for the specified action, or toggle to the left to turn off the notification for that specified action - see below.

NOTE: Automatic Update

Any time a notification has been toggled on or off, the settings will automatically update.

Turning On Slack Notifications

Once your Slack integration is set up and you have selected the notifications you wish to receive, turn on the Slack integration. This can be done by toggling the Integration Status to the right in the Slack integration settings page as seen below.

Reconfigure Slack Integration

The Slack integration can be reconfigured to change the team slack channel where you will receive the Crowdcontrol notifications. To do this follow the following steps:

1. Select the Reconfigure Button

First, navigate to the Slack integration settings page and select the blue 'Reconfigure' button.

2. Choose a New Team Channel

After selecting the Reconfigure button, you will be redirected to the Slack web application to change the team channel as seen below.

3. Authorize the New Channel

Once you've selected the new channel to receive notifications, select the green Authorize button. You will then be redirected back to Crowdcontrol.

Delete Slack Integration

1. Select the Delete Button

To delete the Slack integration, select the red Delete button as seen below.

2. Confirm Deletion

A pop-up window will appear, confirm the deletion of the integration by selecting the blue Delete button as seen below.


Receive actionable notifications immediately in a designated Slack channel

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