Auto-Assign Submissions

Incoming submissions into Crowdcontrol are marked 'New'. 'New' submissions are triaged and validated by the Bugcrowd Technical Operations team - all valid vulnerabilities are transitioned by the Technical Operations team from 'New' to a 'Triage' status. Submissions in the 'Triage' status are recognized as real vulnerabilities that need to be assessed and validated by your security team.

Auto-assign triaged submissions to a default team member to notify them of any actionable submission as soon as it has been validated by our Technical Operations team. To do this, follow the steps below:

Role-Based Access Restrictions: Setting a default team member for the auto-assign submission feature is restricted to Organizations Owners and Program Admins.

1. Navigate to Settings Page

Select Settings on the Crowdcontrol Navbar as seen below.


2. Select the Manage Team Tab

At the top of the Settings page, select the Manage Team tab as seen below.


3. Select Default Team Member

On the right-hand side, use the drop-down field to select a team member to act as the primary user to be auto-assigned to all submissions moved to the ‘Triage’ status.


4. Auto-Save

Once you have selected the team member, the settings will auto-save. A green pop-up notification will verify at the bottom of the screen.


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