Managing Sessions and Logouts

Each time you log in to Crowdcontrol from a unique device, a new active session is created for your account. Sessions track your IP address, operating system, and browser type, so you can identify any unusual activity on your account. If there are any unauthorized sessions on your account, you need to immediately revoke the sessions and contact Bugcrowd.

A few pages in Crowdcontrol enforces re-authentication after two hours for security purposes. For example, if you want to modify your account or security settings, you must re-authenticate.


If you have additional security measures on your account, such as SSO, you’ll need to log in again through your provider.


Viewing Active Sessions

To view a list of all active sessions for your account, click your profile pic and the click Security.


To quickly access this area, go to sessions. You will be able to view your current session and other sessions that you can revoke.


Revoking a Session

You can log out of a session by revoking it. To revoke a session, on the Sessions page, click Revoke for the required session. You will be logged out of the session.


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