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Enhanced Security & Improved Functionality Offer Seamless Usability

Travis Andrade · about a month ago6 changes

This update includes a security enhancement as we've implemented CSP protections to better protect from possible vulnerabilities. In addition, we released the ability to seamlessly sort the order of the targets on your program brief with a simple drag and drop feature. The submission search bar has ...

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Improved Efficiency with CVSS and Notifications

Barnett Klane · 3 months ago2 changes

This update helps reduce the friction of CVSS implementation by backfilling prior submissions with a CVSS score based on the VRT. Also, improvements have been made to email notifications providing a more efficient means of identifying multiple notifications on a single submission.

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Seamless Crowdcontrol Quick Search

Barnett Klane · 4 months ago2 changes

This update enables customers to easily highlight syntax and quick search what you're looking for in Crowdcontrol.

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Improved Clarity and Workflow

Barnett Klane · 6 months ago2 changes

This update delivers helpful tools to help improve the platform experience for both researcher and customers.

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Improved Security and Transparency

Barnett Klane · 7 months ago3 changes

Updates were made to increase the security of passwords usage and improve the transparency of program data.

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