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Crowdcontrol Improves Adjusted Payment Workflow

Chloé Messdaghi · 2 months ago1 changes

Although rare, customers have made a mistake when rewarding for vulnerabilities and, therefore, adjustments may be needed. Upon the cancelation of a reward, researchers will be notified and informed of the reason for the change. Customers can then award the correct amount.

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Added Platform Usability and Preference Control

Chloé Messdaghi · 2 months ago3 changes

Recent updates include added usability and control for users. Researchers can now easily filter by and view “Pending Invitations” to programs that have yet to start. Additionally, researchers can also pause and unpause payments as needed. This update has added the ability to configure Crowdcontrol t...

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Hacker Education with Bugcrowd University

Travis Andrade · 4 months ago1 changes

Bugcrowd is excited to announce Bugcrowd University to help educate and empower the Crowd with the latest skills and methodologies.

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Improved Platform Usability

Travis Andrade · 5 months ago5 changes

Advancements have been made to Crowdcontrol to improve its usability. These updates deliver increased functionality built to improve the efficiency of everyday users. For example, tokenized search capabilities have been enhanced for all users to find exactly what they’re looking efficiently and effe...

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Advanced Crowdcontrol UX

Travis Andrade · 5 months ago9 changes

A number of improvements have been implemented to Crowdcontrol delivering a more intuitive and effective user experience.

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Enhanced Security Tracking Capability

Travis Andrade · 5 months ago1 changes

Crowdcontrol makes it easy to identify unusual activity on your account with the Security Event Log, which tracks events such as new sessions or modifications to your credentials. This is available for both customers and researchers.

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Enhance Program Metrics

Travis Andrade · 7 months ago3 changes

Program metric has been adjusted and improved to deliver helpful data around the health of a program. Refinements to the data provided on the insights page as well as on the bounty brief now provide increased accuracy.

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Heightened Platform Security and Usability

Travis Andrade · 7 months ago3 changes

Advancements have been made to Crowdcontrol to bolster the security of the platform as well as improve its usability. The updates now offer advancements that offer a workflow built to improve the efficiency of everyday users.

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Crowdcontrol Increases Visibility

Travis Andrade · 7 months ago2 changes

This update introduces a new feature, Known Issue Sharing, enabling organizations to provide added visibility into a program (read Bugcrowd’s blog to learn...

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New Crowdcontrol Enhancements Add Improved Platform Efficiencies

Travis Andrade · 9 months ago7 changes

Significant improvements have been made to Crowdcontrol to build upon its current intuitive experience and offer enhancements that will help improve the efficiency of everyday users. Each enhancement augments the use of existing features such as the Submission Search Bar, JIRA integration, Insights ...

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Improved Program Performance Tracking and Platform Efficiency

Travis Andrade · 10 months ago4 changes

Introducing a new program performance metric on the Program Page, highlighting the time it takes organizations to validate incoming submissions. Crowdcontrol's submission search bar continues to improve the efficiency of finding submissions by adding the ability to search by VRT categories. Customer...

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Enhanced Security & Improved Functionality Offer Seamless Usability

Travis Andrade · 11 months ago6 changes

This update includes a security enhancement as we've implemented CSP protections to better protect from possible vulnerabilities. In addition, we released the ability to seamlessly sort the order of the targets on your program brief with a simple drag and drop feature. The submission search bar has ...

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Improved Efficiency with CVSS and Notifications

Barnett Klane · about a year ago2 changes

This update helps reduce the friction of CVSS implementation by backfilling prior submissions with a CVSS score based on the VRT. Also, improvements have been made to email notifications providing a more efficient means of identifying multiple notifications on a single submission.

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Seamless Crowdcontrol Quick Search

Barnett Klane · about a year ago2 changes

This update enables customers to easily highlight syntax and quick search what you're looking for in Crowdcontrol.

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Improved Clarity and Workflow

Barnett Klane · about a year ago2 changes

This update delivers helpful tools to help improve the platform experience for both researcher and customers.

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Improved Security and Transparency

Barnett Klane · about a year ago3 changes

Updates were made to increase the security of passwords usage and improve the transparency of program data.

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